About Us

Welcome to our Happy Me Naturally website!

We are an Australian based company that specialise in providing Natural options for our common ailments.

First Founded in 2001, CHATSWOOD NSW, Heavenly Feats worked closely for over 9 years with people that pushed their

bodies to achieve optimum performance: Marathon participants, Cyclists, Runners, Competitive Boot-campers and more. 

We realized the nutrient losses when placing the human body under such stresses and were able to develop treatments and

products which replaced these nutrients transdermally, thereby improving overall performance. 

The REJUVENATION STATION was then created to deliver quick yet highly effective treatments to help deal with the

many demands and stresses of todays high paced living. 

And HAPPY ME naturally was created to develop easy to use Natural products, using only Premium, quality natural ingredients

. Products which deliver. Products which perform. Products which are all Made in Australia

Here at Happy Me Naturally, we are committed to many more years of excellence.

Our highly trained team is here to pave the way for quality innovation and care. We are here for YOU and YOUR needs

We value your feedback so we can continuously improve. 

Here at HAPPY ME naturally, we believe in sharing our knowledge (with those that are interested) through 

workshops and retreats...

the more one understands, the more power they have to improve their experience whilst on this Earth

So welcome and please enjoy...